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Summary of the Program

To address the breadth and value of various forms of knowledge in a changing world, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies major is structured to allow students to design individualized programs of study to include humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. By developing a diverse knowledge reflective of a true liberal arts education, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies is a degree completion option for students who have completed significant coursework but not the requirements of a specific major. The Liberal Studies program is an individualized, nontraditional program designed to provide broader freedom of course choices than is available in the traditional majors, but still the structured core programs of both the University of Kentucky and the College of Arts and Sciences. Admission to the program requires the completion of 45 credit hours prior to declaring this degree and approval of the coordinator of the program.

Individuals who are seeking the Liberal Studies degree may not already have any form of a Bachelor’s Degree, nor may students in the program double major in any program with this degree path, though minors and certificates are acceptable.

Dr. Josh Abboud, Director of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies,